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It’s been a while 20 February 2007

Posted by Andy in : Hannah,Luke , trackback

A “busy” few months to say the least, what with Christmas and everything.

We’re getting nicely settled into life as a family of four! Hannah really loves her new baby brother, although he’s not that new any more (at nearly 3 months old!) she’s still not bored of giving him cuddles and kisses. Tracy also reckons that he misses her, on the days that she goes to nursery. He obviously enjoys the constant mothering and noise when she’s about (just like I do!).

There’s been one or two nights when it’s been hell and we’ve ended up with both of them in bed with us, with Tracy and I occupying the least amount of space. When you wake up in a morning (gripping on to the mattress edge with nothing more than hope) and you look over at these two little angelic little creatures sleeping peacefully, we can’t help but smile to yourself and think how lucky we are!

Getting into a bit of routine now, Tracy’s even managing to stay up and venture out of the bedroom after putting Luke down (about 1945ish). So, life slowly returning to a semblance of normality, which given all the stuff we’ve had to deal with over the last few months isn’t bad going – more on this in the next post.

For now, it’s just to say life for the four of us is pretty good!



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