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Friday 2nd December

Is the day when my Facebook account eventually gets deleted.

Facebook is one of these fads that I’ve never quite got to grips with. Given what I was doing at the time for a job, I heard about the site quite early on (think I signed up in 2005), but never really understood the the “why”? To me it seemed to be a bit like Friends Reunited crossed with FlicR, so with both of these needs filled I couldn’t see the point, as I was already involved with these other site’s and saw nothing original or interesting in what was happening within the Facebook walls.

The only rewarding / entertaining things I’ve gotten from the experience are; connecting with my cousin and seeing photo’s of her little boy (as it’s the only place she lives on-line); and being involved in getting Rage Against the Machine to the Christmas number one, in front of some X Factor talent vacuum who has since disappeared (justifiably so!).

With X actor entering what appears to be its ultimate death spiral, I now only have a single reason to be on Facebook. But given it’s just another walled garden, similar to what AOL etc. used to be like, and that they’re starting to do some pretty evil things, then think it’s time to get my coat before the rush.

I won’t say good bye, but just adure, as there may be more reasons in the future to climb the wall.

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