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Now for the trouble

She’s been having a go at standing for a couple of weeks now. It’s just been rather slow and a bit of a struggle. Sometimes, after a couple of minutes trying, she would give in and shout at us to get her up.

Yesterday morning however, that all changed. Hannah can now stand easily and quite beautifully in about 3 seconds flat! She’s so proud of herself as well, once she’s up she just stands there for about 10-15 seconds each time, beaming from ear to ear, like the cat that got the cream.

So, now is when all the fun starts, at least everyone keeps telling is that. They say with each stage there’s more to worry about and bigger problems. Guess that’s true to some extent, up to now Hannah has been quite manageable, just being able to leave her sitting somewhere knowing she can’t get into that much trouble.

Now though, she can be up and be gone in no time, if she’d just stop being so smug about it….

Upstanding little lady

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