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Poxy Month

Well it all started the day after Hannah’s birthday, Tracy not feeling well and some rather ominous “spots” appearing! Couple of days later, the doctor confirmed it was Chicken Pox….

Tracy’s bout wasn’t too bad, only a little bit of itching and some big spots. With it over in just over a week. Just a matter of time for the cheeky one to get it them….

And, there it was almost two weeks after Tracy, Hannah gets her first spot – well, we thought Tracy’s bout wasn’t so bad, so Hannah may be OK too. It certainly seemed like it was going OK for first couple of days, just a few spots – that we dabbed it that lotion beginning with “C”, she was still running round the house like a trooper though.

Until the weekend that it. Then it was absolutely awful! She was covered from head to toe – Tracy had the best description “you couldn’t put your finger anywhere on her body without touching a spot”. On the Friday and Saturday all she wanted to do was sit on Tracy’s knee – poor lamb was not her usual happy self at all. For me, it was a real struggle to see her so unhappy and was so worried about hurting her every time I picked her up, or bather her etc..

Still, it’s all over with and that’s one child hood affliction we can put behind us – or, can we?! 🙂

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