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Hannah’s first spoken word and her favourite food!

She’s been doing the “dada” bit for a couple of months now, this being an all encompassing term for everything. her “mum”, “dad”, “go get me that shiny thing from over there”, “can I have some more grapes please!” – you get the idea…

In the last week or so, there’s been a bit of a change, we’re getting a few more syllables and even one or two proper words, the most frequently used being the title of this post.

She says it with absolute joy as well, with a huge grin and wrinkling her nose, in the hope that it’ll make one of the parents (or any other larger person who can operate the fridge) dive off to get her a baby bell or a chedder stick!

Other words are starting to follow now, such as Teddy and NO, but she’s still calling both parents “dada” which doesn’t make mum happy – Can’t wait till she sorts this one, just to see the look on Tracy’s face :-).

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