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Grandma’s 100th Birthday

On Saturday (8th July) it was Grandma Teasdale’s Birthday and it was her HUNDREDTH!

Aunty Sue put on a fantastic party, for over 100 people, quite an achievement! In all there were 5 generations present, most branches of the family represented.

Grandma is a truly amazing person. Having 14 children, can’t have been easy, but they all seem to have turned out well, going on to produce another two generations (at least)….

Grandma and most of her relatives

Being part of such a large family is unusual nowadays and something I’m very proud of (especially proud of Grandma). During the party, Tracy was able to collect from everyone most of the data we need to put together the start of a family tree – something she’s wanted to do for quite some time. Once she’s had chance to pull everything together, we’ll publish something here.

It’s great to see everyone when we get together, which as you can imagine, is not that often. Anyone wanting to see more pictures from the day, I’ve put a collection on flickr.

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