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Well, it’s been official for a few weeks now (at least according to the Nursery!) Hannah is a Toddler. She seems to have settled in to the new room, still gives us big smiles when we drop her off in the morning – so she must be enjoying it. Just, you still feel a little guilty as a parent.

I do LOVE Yoghurt! She’s also getting stroppy about feeding herself, it’s about time that we got a booster seat for her and stowed the high chair for the little feller. Tonight, Hannah HAD to have the spoon and hold the pot while she ate her yoghurt (and she let me know in no uncertain terms that I could not help!).

Every day is something new and different and it’s all great so far – although (as we’re only a few months away from starting) I think potty training could present some challenges! lol.Mums Cardigan

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