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Hopping Little Bunny

Well, she’s at it again, making her Mum and Dad smile with adoration.

At play group, one of the songs that they sing is All The Bunnies (or at least a variation of this)…

All children lay down at the beginning of this song like they are sleeping bunnies on the floor. When you say ?Hop Little Bunny!? Everyone jumps up and hops through the rest of the song until the leader says STOP! At which point the children lay down and pretend to go to sleep again.

Up until yesterday, Hannah had always avoided taking part in the actions for this song. Giving everyone else a “what on earth are you hopping for?” look. Today, according to Tracy, she joined the massed hopping ranks of toddlers in the church hall. Except, when all the others pretended to sleep, she’s still on her feet – hopping like a mad thing, giving them all the “what on earth are you sleeping for, when you could be hopping?” look.

She actually started hopping on the Thursday night, with a bit of encouragement from Dad, who had to show her the basics, which was enough to send Tracy into screams of hysterics, at the site of a 6ft1in 16st 38 year old bouncing up and down, trying to get his daughter to follow suit.

Thankfully, we didn’t manage to capture the scene on film!

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