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Due Date fixed!

Well, last week didn’t go as we’d hoped. Tracy did brilliantly, impressing her consultant in baring the manipulation very well. It’s just that the little fella didn’t want to budge.

So, now on to Plan B! Tracy’s booked in for a section this coming Wednesday, so he’s defiantly going to be here by COB on that day. Consultants do like to keep business hours – especially in the NHS!

Tracy’s charging round like a mad person, trying to get everything sorted before the big day, while I’m coming apart and starting to panic. Hannah, bless her cheeky cotton socks, doesn’t (yet) have a clue how her little life is going to change. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge for us all. Especially getting through the next few days, with a house full of grandparents!

To quote the Bard, Wednesday is “Once more unto the breach” for us. And by the end of the day he’ll have a Name.

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