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Big day Tomorrow (possibly)

It’s been a while since I’ve put something up. Too many excuses and things that seem to get in the way, what with getting ready for new arrival, helping out as much as I can at home and spending far too much time in the mad house that is work at the moment (need to do something drastic about that!).

Sitting here the night before Tracy goes in for “manipulation”. The little fella is still breach, so they’re going to see if they can persuade him to spin round – doesn’t sound like fun for either of them, but all I can do is watch! Everything should be OK, but there is a bit of a chance that it’s all going to kick-off tomorrow, which is worrying Tracy.

Think, in ways, she’d like it all over and done with, officially she’s still got a couple of weeks left to go, but it’s all sleepless nights and back ache from now on. On the other hand, she worried about being able to cope with two under two! It does seem frightening when you think about it sometimes, all that responsibility!

Then I look at Hannah, with her cheeky face, telling me in real words “shoes off daddy” (her speech has come on so well over the last few weeks) when I come into the house! I know we’re going to be OK, ‘cos we’ve got her to look after us all.

Just so proud of my family! Looking forward to the next few weeks, in a very nervous way….

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