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Booster 5 September 2006

Posted by Andy in : Hannah , trackback

Had my Mum and Dad up for a visit to see us all for the last few days, which has been real fun for everyone. Here’s some of the great pictures that M&D took.

In her new Booster seat - feeding herself

We bought Hannah a new booster seat, as she’s getting big enough and good enough at eating to join us at the table. The only thing we need now is a table and chairs for the kitchen, to save wasting the carpet in the dining room.

From the picture above, you’d think that we don’t have a problem here, but just take a look at the one below…

No more Grandad!

Dad did a great job of keeping post of the mess on Hannah, but chocolate custard is a nightmare to get of cream carpets! She does enjoy it though!!

Chocolate Custard is my favorite!

Grandma had a great time too (we think…) Look at this lovely cuddle that she got, just after Hannah woke from her afternoon nap yesterday..

nice cudddle


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